President's JOYGRAMS

Theme 2020: "The greatest of these is LOVE..." 1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV

We celebrated this past year the 150th birthday of United Methodist Women. We celebrated our BOLD foremothers who believed in 2 cents and a prayer to send a woman doctor and a woman educator to India.

In my home unit, we had a 150th birthday party and we asked what were our birthday wishes for United Methodist Women for the next 150 years. I'm sure you can think of many....My question is "How can WE be BOLD and help make these wishes come true?" 2017-2020 President, Karen Dunlap

Theme 2019: "We Who Hope..." Isaiah 40:31

This year we need to be a Sisterhood of Grace, with HOPE for our World, our Nation, our general conference, our churches, our neighbors, our families and ourselves. We need to LISTEN and refuse to turn away from our mission. We need to PRAY when the tears of God are being shed. We who HOPE in the Lord "who will renew our strength and soar on wings like eagles."

Theme 2018: "I Choose HOPE through PRAYER"  1 Thessalonians 5:17

Theme 2017: "I Choose Joy" Nehemiah 8:10