President's JOYGRAMS

JOYGRAM #8: December 15, 2018

Theme 2017: "I Choose Joy"  Nehemiah 8:10

JOYGRAM #1 from Great Plains Conference President - March 6, 2017

My dear UMW Sisters in Christ:

I am sending you my first JOYGRAM to bring everyone up to date on activities.  I think we had a wonderful and productive first Leadership meeting in Hays, KS.  A special thank you to the UMW at the First UMC in Hays for their hospitality and support!

ACTION PLANS:  All committees were asked to develop three objectives for their group to be completed during the year and these would give direction for the year.  All goals and objectives would be placed on the website. 

The objectives for PRESIDENTS centered around communication within their districts.

  • By the next district meeting, each unit in the district would be assigned a "Shepherd", "UMW Sister",  or any name decided.  Each district officer would be assigned one or more units and be responsible to make contact within 30 days. The purpose is to develop a relationship with each unit.  Confirm email address for sending information related to district, conference and national activities.
  • In a timely manner, we will provide information and pictures on district activities to the conference website.
  • We will share program and activity suggestions.

I hope as presidents, you have been contacting local units.  This is the time to tell them about the METour, Mission u, and offering to help with UMW Sunday.  Reach out and contact each unit and establish a relationship.

During the past month, I have attended the legislative events in NE and KS.  There is quite the difference between the NE unicameral and the KS bicameral. But trafficking, LGBT, and the death penalty were discussed by both.  Lots of things to think about.  Both events were informative and thought-provoking. I hadn't attended before but will certainly be attending again in the future. 

I attended VOICES 2017 at Scarritt-Bennett in Nashville, TN.  What a wonderful retreat center,  and it is owned by UMW!  We learned about missionaries in Africa and also about providing a voice to women of different languages and cultures.

Last Saturday, I attended the Topeka District spring meeting in Atchison, KS.  Their theme was "Passport to Missions" and invited me to talk about my recent mission trip to Angel House in Tanzania.  As I was preparing, who contacted me but Holly Heyroth Opundo!  Holly is the missionary who I worked with at Angel House.  She came and brought along Tracy Rockhold, who is also a voluntary missionary at Angel House.  Holly is back in the states for a year and has offered to provide a program anywhere in the conference.

I CHOOSE JOY!   Nehemiah 8:10   ...for the joy of the Lord is your strength. 

Karen Dunlap, President Great Plains Conference United Methodist Women

JOYGRAM #2:  April 18, 2017

My dear UMW Sisters in Christ:

I can't think of a more blessed and Joyful time than Easter, HE IS RISEN! I hope that each of you felt the joy of the risen Savior.

After my last JOYGRAM in March, I had the pleasure of attending the Spring Brunch in Sedgwick, KS, and the Lenten Prayer breakfast at my own church in Derby, KS.  Then lunch with the UMW ladies of St. Paul UMC in Wichita, KS.  So far, this position has allowed me to visit with lots of wonderful ladies, share fellowship, and have great food.

I was at Camp Horizon with the Wichita East and West Districts for their Spiritual Retreat.  Jenelle Erb, GP Journey in Faith Leader, was the facilitator.  She used "The Call: Living Sacramentally, Walking Justly", a spiritual growth study from Mission u as her text.  A great study for a retreat.  The weather was perfect and sharing God's love with friends...well you just can't beat it.

I have had several calls to make presentations and it seems that everyone wants the same dates in October or May.  If you have events on other dates please let me know, I would love to visit or speak at your event.

This Sunday, April 23, I am speaking at two services for UMW Sunday at Rose Hill UMC, Rose Hill, KS.  On May 7, I will be speaking at Meriden UMC, Meriden, KS.  I am looking forward to sharing about UMW and our 150 years of missions for women, children, and youth. 

I am looking forward to our first conference spiritual retreat at Camp Comeca at Cozad, NE.  Finally spending time in Nebraska.  I hope to spend this time of spiritual growth and fellowship with many of you.  Jenelle has been working hard to make this retreat fun and meaningful.

I am also looking forward to attending my first UMC Annual Conference in June. I have always wondered what went on at annual conference.  We will have a booth and instead of the dinner we will be helping to host a reception for the new ordinates.  Speaking of conference, I am looking for a roommate, so if you are going and want to share a room, let me know. 

I look forward to seeing many of you at the summer meeting in Manhattan, KS.  I hope you have been communicating with units in your districts.  The only way we can pass on the story of UMW is to communicate.

I CHOOSE JOY!   Nehemiah 8:10   ...for the joy of the Lord is your strength. 

Karen Dunlap, President Great Plains Conference United Methodist Women


JOYGRAM #3:  May 17, 2017

JOYGRAM #4:  July 10, 2017

JOYGRAM #5:    August 2017

Theme 2018: "I Choose HOPE through PRAYER"  1 Thessalonians 5:17

JOYGRAM #6 (2018): 


JOYGRAM #7 (August 2018)