Program Design

The TiM Program has two phases over the course of the five-year period.

Phase One - Mentoring Phase

This is a two-year process when the TiM serves as an associate pastor in a TiM congregation with a mentor pastor or as a solo pastor with a mentor pastor in a congregation 30-90 minutes away.

TiM pastors will:

  • Enter into a covenant relationship with his or her peers and will meet with bi-monthly for two years. The TiM director will facilitate this peer group.
  • Meet monthly with his or her congregation's TiM committee for support and feedback.
  • Associate pastors will meet weekly with the mentor pastor to reflect on the practices of pastoral ministry with the goal of progressing toward excellence. Solo TiM pastors will meet monthly for the same purpose.
  • Have opportunities for direct communication with conference leaders to learn, connect, build trust and gain an understanding of how the annual conference works.
  • Attend one workshop on spiritual renewal and one or two workshops on persona/professional development with TiM peers and TiM mentor pastors.
  • Solo TiM pastors will shadow their mentor pastor one full day per month for six months.
  • Mentoring pastors will write a continuing education plan for their two years which will include a grant proposal of up to $3,200 for the mentoring pastor.

TiM mentor pastors will:

  • Meet weekly (or monthly) with the TiM pastors to reflect on the practices of pastoral ministry with the goal of progressing toward excellence.
  • Meet every other month in person or via conference call with other TiM senior pastors for sharing mentoring insights, mutual learning and leadership effectiveness.



Phase Two - Coaching Phase

This is a three-year process after the intensive mentoring relationship when the TiM  pastors who are associates are appointed as solo pastors. Those already serving as solo pastors will likely remain intheir appointment.

TiM solo pastors will:

  • Meet bi-monthly with TiM peers for three years to share mutually desired areas of focus under the TiM director's consultation. The peer group, facilitated by the TiM director, will determine the content of these gatherings.
  • During this stage, TiM pastors will engage a clergy coach.
  • Meet monthly with a lay committee for support and feedback. These committees will be specially trained to partner with the newly appointed pastor, to engage in mutual learning, in addition to their other prescribed responsibilities.
  • Attend a conference or other significant learning opportunity iwth other TiM pastors each year.

Thanks to the Lilly Endowment Inc., many of the costs are provided for TiM participants. Participant congregations will be responsible for a portion of the cost of TiM program expenses.

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