UMCom helps churches spread the word

Communications is a constantly changing field. Just a decade ago, very few of us knew what Facebook, Twitter or Instagram were, and now they’re a part of our daily vernacular.

The same is true for church communications. Who knows what the next big thing is going to be, the next way to spread word about our churches to both members and seekers?

We like how United Methodist Communications keeps it all in perspective and up-to-date. UMCom provides tips and thought-provoking articles on getting the word across in sometimes-humorous, always-informative ways. 

Here’s UMCom’s pages on local church advertising.

Here’s an audit to see how well your communications works.

Let our tool kit help your communications ministry

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “All these communications ideas are well and good, but I haven’t done anything with artwork or writing since junior high.”

Aren’t you glad you found this page?

Coming soon, you will be able to access basic starters for banners, tri-fold handouts, signs and many other means to communicate to seekers, members and leaders in your church.

And if you’re still stumped, feel free to contact the Great Plains Conference communications staff.