Readiness 360

Readiness 360 is an online survey tool for mobilizing congregations to multiply in ministry and missional impact. R360 measures a congregation’s spiritual intensity, missional alignment, dynamic relationships and cultural openness. 

The Great Plains has contracted with Readiness 360, LLC, to launch the Readiness 360 tool for resourcing congregations. The contract extends through 2021 and provides free services to every congregation in the Great Plains to assess their readiness to multiply and have a greater impact on the mission field where they are planted. 

What is the Readiness 360 Survey? Here are some resources to use with your leadership teams.

Interested in getting started on the survey? Contact your district superintendent and they will put you in touch with a congregational excellence staff person who will help create a survey for your church.


Advertising the survey to the congregation – Be sure to insert your church’s code!

  • Bulletin and newsletter announcement (Word document
  • Printable, customizable bulletin insert (Word document)
  • Email to the Congregation - Invitation to your congregation to participate in the survey (PDF)
  • Printable, customizable survey instruction card for congregations (Word document)

For more information, go to or contact your congregational excellence staff person.

After the survey…a free coach

A coach will interpret results and set up times to talk with a leadership team. Convene a leadership team for visioning and strategic planning.

Free coaching with Leadership Visioning Team

  • Plan ways to talk about the four areas and impact on the congregation. 
  • Leave with goals, strategies and a journey of transformation in taking the next faithful steps in the congregation’s life.



After a church or network completes the survey, there is coaching available provided at no cost to the church and made possible through your mission shares.

A coach will help interpret the results and has additional training in the four modules (spiritual intensity, dynamic relationships, missional alignment and cultural openness) to offer with the leadership team, church and/or network.