Readiness 360 FAQ

The Great Plains has contracted with Readiness 360, LLC, to launch the Readiness 360 tool for resourcing congregations. The contract extends through 2021 and provides free services to every congregation in the Great Plains to assess their readiness to multiply and have a greater impact on the mission field where they are planted.

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Q: What is the Readiness 360?
A: An online survey tool for mobilizing congregations to multiply in ministry and missional impact in a context.

Why R360?
Churches of any size face immense and fast-moving challenges. R360 slows down the desire to place band aids and quick fixes in place of long-term transformation around spiritual intensity, dynamic relationships, missional alignment and cultural openness.

Q: How many people can take the Readiness 360?
A: An unlimited number of people in a church may take the Readiness 360. From a statistical standpoint, you need 25 people or 10% of the congregation (whichever is larger) to take the online survey. From a momentum-building perspective, you should have as many people take the survey as possible.

R360 measures a congregation’s spiritual intensity, missional alignment, dynamic relationships and cultural openness.

Q: Are my responses confidential?
A: Yes. The administrator cannot see individual responses. The administrator can only see names of who have taken the survey.

Why for us, and are there success stories?

  • Aldersgate UMC of Wichita, KS, utilized the R360 to prepare itself for the launch of its Renew Campus in 2015. R360 allowed Aldersgate to take a look at themselves before outreaching out to new people in their area.
  • Trinity UMC, Lincoln, NE, has also utilized the R360, exploring options to capture new connections for discipleship in the growing mission field.

What is the cost?
R360 is paid for by the Great Plains Conference through mission share and made available to Great Plains churches free of charge through 2021.

What happens for those who do not have computers?
We recommend making computers and/or volunteers available at the church where congregants can come to take the survey.

What are our options after the online survey is completed?
Gather a vision team, in consultation with the DS, request a coach to discern the results of the survey and determine next septs.

How will people complete the survey?
The church will send R360 link and a code to congregation members to fill out the online survey.