Reflective Supervision

Reflective Supervision can assist clergy to view their ministry through a different lens and help one be attentive to the presence of God.

Reflective supervision is a form of pastoral supervision useful as a means for clergy to explore and reflect on the practice of ministry, their calling, and their wellbeing. A clergy person (supervisee) covenants to meet with a trained and approved supervisor in a supportive and confidential space. It is a relationship of accompaniment providing a safe space for reflection and reducing feelings of isolation.

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If you have any questions, contact the Rev. Shelly Petz, clergy faith and wellness consultant.

Participants in the Reflective Supervision process share what the program is meant to accomplish, how it works and the benefits they have seen.

What is Reflective Supervision?

Reflective Supervision is a ministry of confidential accompaniment. It is:

  • Reflective: examining, observing, reviewing, evaluating, questioning, and owning our own thinking.
  • Super-Vision: facilitated inquiry; a lens, a way of looking at a situation and oneself; a way of being in the world; a way of seeing with new eyes. This makes space for something new, life-changing, and creative to emerge.

Reflective Supervision is a space to reflect on ministry and is an aid in enhancing the joy and creativity in ministry as well as reducing burnout. Reflective supervision helps clergy:

  • Focus on self-care
  • Pay attention to spiritual, emotional, financial and physical well-being
  • Determine learning needs for their specific context
  • Reflect on the challenges of ministry
  • Gain insight of role clarity and expectations
  • Discover what is already known and forgotten