Remittance Detail

Mission Share Letter Instructions

Your Mission Share Letter is two pages. Be sure to review both.

Remittance Form Instructions

Your Remittance Advice Form has been personalized for your church with the church #, mission share, mission agency support, district mission share (if your district has such), and retiree health share (for Nebraska churches only).  This form should be used when a remittance check is sent for the above listed items as well as special Sunday offerings, general advances, conference advances, etc.  The list of conference advances is on the second page of the Remittance Advice Form.  To assist conference staff in applying gifts correctly please be sure to use the activity number, project number (if one applies) and description of the conference advance when filling in the form.

The Great Plains Conference will have more than 1,000 churches several of which have the same or similar name/city.  It is very important that you always send a Remittance Advice Form with your payment to ensure proper credit for the church.  The mailing address for these items which is also listed on the form is:

Great Plains Conference
PO Box 4837
Topeka, KS 66604-0837