Renewal Leave Resources

Checklist for Renewal Leave

  • Clergy create a plan for Renewal Leave to include request, timeframe, and address the following questions:
    • Who will preach? Create plan to provide coverage for each week.
    • Who will welcome, provide hospitality, and orientation for guest speakers?
    • Who will visit those in the hospital, shut-ins, visitors?
    • Who will handle administrative duties?
    • Who will cover teaching responsibilities?
    • How will committees cover duties?
    • Who will provide emergency care?
    • What, if anything, should be communicated to the clergy while they are gone, by whom, and how?
    • Who will pray for the pastor on leave?
    • What communication is needed to the congregation? Methods: Newsletter, brochure, announcements, social media, website, sermon series etc. (See below for suggested information to communicate)
  • Gain approval from Administrative Council and SPRC on grant application form
  • Gain approval from District Superintendent on grant application form
  • Apply for Renewal Leave and Renewal Leave Grant
  • Plan ritual/liturgy for beginning and ending time of Renewal
  • Plan for return, recognizing that the pastor and congregation may have experienced significant changes during the time of renewal. How will this be addressed, planned for, and what intentionality should be considered?

When communicating with the congregation(s) about the Renewal Leave, the items below could be important to incorporate:

  • Pastor’s need for renewal
  • Book of Discipline guidelines for renewal
  • Guidelines for communication with the pastor
  • How the Renewal Leave will benefit the congregation
  • What will the pastor be doing while on leave
  • What is considered an emergency and who it will be reported to
  • Dates of the Renewal Leave
  • Listing of speakers and short biography for each
  • Who is responsible for other duties/responsibilities
  • Share with the congregation that the pastor is not leaving the church or in trouble and when the pastor will return

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