Reporting Suspected Abuse

Reporting abuse

The United Methodist Book of Discipline requires clergy to report suspected abuse. This provision was first included in the 2008 Book of Discipline.


Reporting abuse in Kansas

Mandatory reporting

Kansas Statute 38-2223 lists those who are mandated reports in the State of Kansas. If you do not know whether you are in the mandated reporter category, go to the Kansas Department of Children and Families website,, to find out. Safe Gatherings Certification does not automatically make you a mandatory reporter.

Reporting child abuse

Anyone has the right to report suspected abuse directly to the state at 800-922-5330 or the new online Kansas Intake/Investigation Protection System. The Guide to Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in Kansas is an excellent resource and is found on the SRS website,


Reporting abuse in Nebraska

State law requires any person who suspects that a child has been physically or sexually abused or neglected to report it promptly to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services' adult and child abuse neglect hotline: 800-652-1999. 

Under state law, mandated reporters include child service organization personnel. Failure to report is a misdemeanor.

Anyone making a report in good faith is immune from any civil or criminal liability.

Adult and child abuse and neglect hotline: 800-652-1999.


National Child Abuse Reporting Hotline

ChildLIne and Abuse Registry Intake Unit, Call 800-932-0313 (TTD: 866-872-1677)