Bible Studies

View and download Bible studies for your church. Check back often and more will be added.

Professional Associations

There are several professional associations for almost any calling; clergy, communicators, secretaries, and more.

Great Plains Resource Center

Borrow some of your favorite studies from the Great Plains Resource Center. Memberships are available, or you can just borrow on a as-needed basis.


The official information service of The United Methodist Church. InfoServe serves as a "reference desk" for those with questions about the United Methodist beliefs, worship practices, positions on socail issues, local church questions and more.

Education Partnership

Grants are offered to churches to help with jump-starting a sustainable partnership in support of a local public school(s).


MissionInsite specializes in church demographics to help you understand your community, existing congregants and how they relate to eachother.

ShareChurch is a website developed by Church of the Resurrection to make it easier for clergy and lay leadership across the United Methodist connection and beyond to obtain resources to help their churches attain ministry goals. 



  • Audit
  • Cross and Flame
  • Distance meetings
  • Great Plains email
  • Great Plains photo bank
  • Copyright compliance
  • How to make a video
  • Social media
  • Church websites
  • Resources from UMCOM
  • Podcasts
  • Computer security


  • Music
  • Video
  • Streaming online (website and podcast)


Browse through several resource books to see if there is one that fits into your ministry.