Center for Pastoral Effectiveness retreats for South Korean pastors and leaders

For the past twenty years, the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness has been working with clergy to support them to be healthy leaders. Through Family Systems Theory, we work to assist clergy in addressing the natural systemic anxieties which occur in the church family so they don’t get emotionally enmeshed in the system and lose their capacity to lead or be seen as the leader.

Over a thousand clergy have attended the Center and have found it to be “the most valuable continuing education” in helping them understand how their own family of origin background can get them entangled in with the family of origins of the people in their churches, as well as the family of origin of the church. This is most valuable when the church system is in stress.

A little over a year ago, we had the opportunity to start a Center comprised of only African American clergy. Their conversation is rich. Not only are they gaining insight into the family systems issues aforementioned, they are coming into a greater understanding of the emotional systems affecting them specifically as African American leaders.

Because of that experience, the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness would like to offer a Center series specifically for South Korean leaders. This is not a seminar focusing on leadership techniques but rather leadership as an emotional process. Sometimes this might be referred to, from your Korean experience, as the power of Nunchi. The emotional interlocking dynamics of your family of origin, the families of origin of the members of your church, and the family of origin OF the church are at play all the time in the church system. The next couple of years are going to require clergy leadership that is capable of staying connected to all these circles of people while not getting embroiled in the natural anxieties of the system. This is challenge enough for all of our leaders but there probably is an added emotional dimension to South Korean colleagues. Add to that the struggles of the denomination and one can understand how vital this Center can be. Perhaps this is the most important time for the Center process.

This Center series includes six three-day retreats spread over about 18 months. The first retreat will be April 22-24, 2020 and will be held at the Manna House Retreat in Concordia KS.

  • Center for Pastoral Effectiveness fee: $1980
  • Lodging and Meals: $840

To register for the Center, please contact Rev. Bill Selby at

Grants available for Korean clergy

The Great Plains Conference, through the Clergy Excellence team, has made available 15 $900 Grants. Click here for the grant application to attend the Retreat Series for Korean Clergy.