Section 8

Relationships to Foundations

The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation, Inc. and the Nebraska United Methodist Foundation will continue as separate entities. Each will continue its work supporting the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church in their respective states. Because the Great Plains United Methodist Conference (GPUMC) is the legal successor by merger to all 3 conferences, appropriate changes to the by-laws of each organization should be made regarding the election of their boards by the GPUMC. 

Relationships with Colleges, Universities, and Health and Welfare Institutions 

The Great Plains United Methodist Conference (GPUMC) will continue its relationships with Baker University (Baldwin City, Kan.), Kansas Wesleyan University (Salina, Kan.) Nebraska Methodist College (Omaha, Neb.) Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln, Neb.), Southwestern College (Winfield, Kan.), Aldersgate Village (Topeka, Kan.), Asbury Park (Newton, Kan.), Crowell Home (Blair, Neb.), Epworth Village (York, Neb.), United Methodist Youthville (Newton, Wichita and Dodge City, Kan.), Wesley Towers (Hutchinson, Kan.), United Methodist Health Ministry Fund and other entities. In each of these instances, the GPUMC will be the successor by merger to the respective predecessor annual conferences with regard to all of the rights and responsibilities involved in those various relationships. 

Relationships with Other Organizations 

The Great Plains Conference will continue to participate in all of the organizations in which its predecessor conferences currently participate. For example, ecumenical organizations continue to be important places for building relationships and engaging in ministry projects and we seek to continue our participation in them.