Seeking An Appointment

The Great Plains Conference has churches from the very small to the very large. The conference encompasses the states of Nebraska and Kansas and has over 1000 congregations. The terrain ranges from high plains to rolling hills; from small towns to large urban areas. Clergy from other United Methodist Conferences and other denominations inquire about the availability of appointments.

The form below is the first step to inquire about the possibility of an appointment in the Great Plains Conference. Typically, within two weeks of completing the Inquiry form, you will receive a phone call from one of the district superintendents for an initial interview. The next steps of our process are:

  • Completion and submission of the application documents which will be sent to you
  • Submission of a video of  you preaching
  • Late January – mid-February video interview
  • Appointments are made through the end of April, so you could be called anytime if it is determined you have the potential to be a good match for our conference
  • Completion of the application and interview is not a guarantee that an appointment will be available for you

Questions?  Contact the Rev. Mitch Reece, Interim Assistant to the Bishop, at

Appointment Inquiry Form

If you are interested in an appointment with the Great Plains Conference please complete this Appointment Inquiry form.