Seminary Scholarship Endowment

God’s call may be priceless, but the men and women who answer a call to ordained ministry face significant educational expenses.

In 2002, members of the former Kansas West Conference started a bold initiative to provide scholarships to seminary students in an effort to alleviate the debt load for newly ordained clergy.

A seminary education is expensive because it is provided by private institutions with well-trained faculty. Seminary graduates may carry debt from undergraduate studies as well as $30,000 or more in debt from seminary when they complete their studies and begin full-time ministry in the Kansas West Conference.

To make a contribution, send a check made out to the Great Plains Conference, PO Box 4187, Topeka KS 66604. Be sure to write Seminary Scholarship Endowment on the "memo" line.

To remember the Seminary Scholarship Endowment in your planned giving, contact the Kansas Area Foundation at 888-453-8405.