Silence and Stillness

"Lord, you have been our help generation after generation. Before the mountains were born, before you birthed the earth and the inhabited world – from forever in the past to forever in the future, you are God. Teach us to do what pleases you, because you are our God. Guide us by your good spirit into a good land."

From Psalm 90: 1-2 and Psalm 143:10


As we seek to listen and pray in a noisy world, it is appropriate and necessary to learn to sit in silence and stillness. Sitting in silence helps to prepare our hearts and minds for communion with God, allowing us to become more aware of God’s presence with us. You are encouraged to make the practice of sitting in silence and stillness a focal point of your prayer time.

Begin by sitting quietly and comfortably. Allow the exterior voices to be silenced as you focus on the interior voice of God, who is seeking your attention. Some use a physical item such as a cross or icon to assist reaching this place of silence where the gentle voice of God’s spirit may be heard, understood, and followed. If your mind wanders or you get distracted, gently return to listening within. As you begin, sit for 2 minutes, then increase time as you become more comfortable. With persistence and practice, sitting in silence and stillness will become more natural, and you can look forward to quieting your soul before God.

Adapted from, Listen, Rueben Job, p.22