Workshop topics at the Small Wonders conference include:

  • Discipleship
    • Young Adults want to make a difference in the world around them and often hope to do that in community. Being intentional to offer ways to lead young adults into become a more faithful disciple of Jesus can be a transformative opportunity for people in your midst to make that difference. This workshop will share a discipleship process that can connect with young adults and move them into a deeper relationship with God, with others, and with your church, all in the context of community.


Rev. Ashlee Alley

  • Lay leadership

Dave Brant

  • Making Meaningful and Authentic Decisions in Worship
    • This workshop focuses primarily on authenticity in corporate worship. We strive to be authentic to our contexts, our communities and our denomination, however sometimes we let our personal preferences dictate what worship looks like. Does a church need to have a praise team to be relevant? Can younger generations be taught to value the rich traditions of our church? Will life-long members of our churches be able to relinquish the way things "have always been done" in order to remain authentic to their contexts? All these questions and more are on the table! 

Greg Reffner

  • Missions in the Context of Millian Cultures
    • This workshop seeks to engage participants to reflect on the biblical call to mission and the implications of the contemporary world's cultural diversity, which includes the fast changing millennial cultures. This workshop will address the following themes:
      • Trends of Missio Dei & the Contemporary World
      • Millennial C?ultures and Mission E?ngagement
      • Missions & Human dignity
  Rev. Kalaba Chali
  • Invitation & Hospitality
    • with young adults
  Rev. Nicole Conard
  • Mentoring is a two-way street
  Rev. Dr. Guy Chmieleski
  • Formation & Vocation
  Rev. Dr. Guy Chmieleski


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