Spiritual Direction FAQ

How do I select a spiritual director?

First, prayerfully consider what experiences you'd like to have in a spiritual director. Do you want to meet with someone who is not at all familiar with the Great Plains UMC, or would you find it comforting that they know your context? Is meeting in person with someone important, or would you prefer a zoom meeting. Once you have a sense of what is important to you, take a look at the list of spiritual directors that we have curated. Some are familiar with the Great Plains UMC and others have been recommended by a member of the Conference. Feel free to reach out to one -- or several -- directors whose approach to direction sounds inviting.


What can I expect during my meeting time?

Each spiritual director is going to have their own approach to direction. As you're getting to know someone, ask them this question if it's important to you!


How much does it cost to meet with a spiritual director?

Ask a potential spiritual director if they have a specific rate.


What kind of training do spiritual directors have?

There are a variety of training programs that a spiritual director may have taken. We require that all directors on our list will have completed a training program and that they will agree to the ethical guidelines of Spiritual Direction International.