Staff-Parish Forms

FILL-IN PDF INSTRUCTIONS: Save a copy of the PDF forms to your computer first. Right click and choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." to save the document before opening. Then open with Adobe Reader to complete. Forms opened in a web browser window may not show the fill-in fields. Forms completed in browser windows cannot be saved. Read information on how to fill-in PDF forms using the free Adobe Reader application.

If you are able to complete the forms in your browser, you can save the forms by using the free CutePDF application. Instructions are posted below.


Assessment forms

Assessments are completed in the spring with forms being sent by the district office around March 1 and due to the district office by May 15. The forms may be also used in interviews with DCOOM or BOOM throughout the year. Please follow the instructions carefully. If you have questions, contact your district office.

  • Pastoral leadership assessment 2019 (Word) (PDF)
  • Deacon leadership assessment 2019 (Word) (PDF)

Appointive Recommendation (AR) Forms (available in October)

  • Appointment-Making in the Great Plains
    • This document provides overview of the bishop and cabinet’s core values in making appointments, and we encourage you to read it!
  • AR to be completed by S/PPRC (Word) (PDF)
  • AR to be completed by pastor  (Word) (PDF)
  • Supplemental form (Word) (PDF)
    • To be completed by SPRC if you check one of the following options on the Appointive Recommendation:
      • Our mission can best be met with a new pastor, but our current pastor may return.
      • Our mission can best be met with a new pastor.

File Saving Work-around: To save your completed file, you will need to download the free PDF application, Cute PDF. You can find it by typing "Cute PDF" into the search bar in Google or your favorite search engine when you are connected to the internet with a browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Download and install Cute PDF. Once installed, CutePDF becomes one of your printer options when you choose to print your document. Choose the CutePDF from your printer choice drop-down menu. You will be able to give your document a name and choose the location to save the document at the time you print. No paper copy will come out of your desktop printer when you choose this option. You will need to switch back to your regular printer to make a print-out of your form.


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