Instructions for Submitting Resolutions for Annual Conference 2022

For the purposes of the Great Plains Annual Conference, a resolution asks the Annual Conference to take a stand on a particular issue or to direct some body within the Conference to consider a specific action of the Conference. A petition is passed on for consideration at General Conference. Therefore, it would be rare to submit a petition for consideration at Annual Conference in 2022 unless it is possible to submit petitions again for the upcoming General Conference.

Petitions and resolutions for consideration by the Conference must originate from an individual or entity within the Great Plains Annual Conference. These may include, but are not limited to: congregations, groups within a congregation; individuals (both lay and clergy), district organizations, or Conference Boards and Committees.


  1. Resolutions and petitions must be submitted digitally as a Word document or compatible format, typed and double-spaced. Handwritten submissions will not be accepted.
  2.  The top of each page of the resolution or petition should read as follows:
    1. Page Number and total number of pages
    2. Suggested Title (fewer than five words indicating how it relates to the Great Plains Annual Conference)
    3. Financial Implications (i.e. Financial Implications:  None or Yes)
  3. Each resolution or petition should begin with a rationale of no more than 50 words explaining the purpose of the resolution or petition.
  4. After the rationale, state the reason(s) that support the requested action. Statements should begin with “Whereas.” It is recommended that statements be concise and limited to fewer than five.
  5. Following the reason(s), explain the action that you want to be taken and by what date. Please be specific in your request. The first action statement should begin with “Therefore, be it resolved.”  Subsequent action statements should begin with “Therefore, be it further resolved.”
  6. Each resolution or petition should indicate the person or group you believe should implement this action. Begin this line with “Implemented by.” Please note that this indication is considered a suggestion. If the resolution or petition is approved and the annual conference thinks another entity is more suited for implementing the plan, it will be at the discretion of the Annual Conference to make the change.
  7. The bottom of the final page of the resolution or petition should include:
    1. Date
    2. Signature of the submitter(s) of the Resolution or Petition. Electronic signatures are acceptable in accordance with common business practices.
    3. Identification of the person actually submitting the resolution or petition, i.e. “(Name), member of the ____ local church” or “(name), Chair of the Annual Conference Session Planning Team.”
    4. Phone number
    5. Email Address


  1. All items for action must be submitted to the Conference Secretary by March 31, 2022 to be included in the workbook. The only exceptions will be items being addressed at a later date by the Connecting Council or approved for late submission by the Annual Conference Sessions Planning Team prior to the deadline.
  2. Items for action must be submitted by email to the conference secretary at:
  3. At this time, it is not known whether or not, or how, late resolutions or petitions would be able to be presented to the Annual Conference body. More information is pending.