Transition into Ministry Program


Read Emily Cannon's thoughts on what you can expect in the TiM Program.


Are you or will you be a young clergy person?

Do you exhibit qualities for a lifetime of effective leadership as a pastor in The United Methodist Church?

Will you finish your Master of Divinity, be a certified candidate and be ready for a full-time appointment as an associate or solo pastor in the spring/summer of 2021?

Applications are now being accepted for an exceptional opportunity to enter full-time ministry with a congregation that supports and nurtures your development as a pastor.

Through the Transition into Ministry program, you will:

  • Experience mentoring relationships, opportunities for continuing ministry development and accountability in peer groups.
  • Participate in immersion and pilgrimage.
  • Access a variety of resources beyond a typical first time appointment.

Consider becoming a part of a learning community that seeks to foster development, excellence and effectiveness for an exciting and sustainable future in ministry through the Great Plains UMC Transition into Ministry Program.

This program of the Great Plains UMC began in 2012 with a pilot class of three pastors. This program gives preference to ministry candidates who are younger than 35, who are eligible for full-time appointment and who have shown outstanding potential for clergy leadership. Appointments will be made as an associate pastor or as a solo pastor. TiM pastors who are appointed as associate pastors will serve a congregation with a commitment to lifelong learning, served by effective senior pastors with track records for leading sustainably vital congregations. TiM pastors who serve as solo pastors will be appointed to congregations that are identified as strong congregations for a pastor in his/her first appointment. A committee of church members will be created in each congregation to offer support for the TiM young pastor's transition from seminary to the local church and the practice of ministry.

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