Transfer Clergy


General Information/requirements for all non-Great Plains clergy considering transferring conference/denominational membership

(2016 Book of Discipline ¶347 and Great Plains specific requirements)

  • Must complete two years of appointive service as OE/OF clergy in the Great Plains. A transfer request is allowed in the third or more year of service.
  • Must meet Great Plains/United Methodist educational requirements as set out in the 2016 Book of Discipline. These requirements:
    • Local Pastor: high school graduate or equivalency certificate, i.e. GED
    • Deacon and Elder:
      • Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited school or international equivalent
      • Completion of required theological education.  Deacon educational options are listed in ¶330.3. Elder educational options are listed in ¶335(3).
  • After the two years of appointive service, full members (elder or deacon) from other United Methodist conferences may be received as full members of the Great Plains, with the consent of the bishops, at the next annual conference following completion of an educational review and action of the clergy session.
    • If the person transferring is a provisional member, the Board of Ordained Ministry will normally expect completion of the Great Plains provisional membership process that includes completion of the 2-year Residency program.
  • Members of other Methodist (member of the World Methodist Council) or other non-Methodist denominations will only be received as provisional members following the Great Plains process for provisional membership.
    • The provisional membership process starts with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOOM) and requires completion of required paperwork followed by an interview (normally in November -December).  If approved/recommended by the DCOOM, the same paperwork will be used for a Board of Ordained Ministry interview (normally end of January/beginning of February). Additional details about provisional membership can be found in the DCOOM Handbook available at
    • Once commissioned as a provisional member, the former OE/OF clergy will complete the standard requirements of provisional membership (participation in the Residency program and annual paperwork/interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry)
    • Concurrent with or following completion of two years of full-time service as a provisional member, the former OE/OF clergy may request full membership.

When approved for full membership, the former ordination credentials for the former OE/OF will be recognized.

Clergy Transfer FAQs

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