Trip Insurance

Whether members of your congregation are going on a mission trip or a trip just for fun, church-sponsored day or overnight trips require insurance coverage.


Domestic Travel

Your church may already have domestic travel coverage as part of your policy with Brotherhood Mutual through American Church Group. Additional coverage is available for things such as trip cancellation, lost luggage, etc. If you have a different insurance provider and agent, American Church Group can assist your church with this coverage as well. American Church Group offers either a blanket policy for the entire year or products for each traveler. Contact American Church Group at or call the dedicated line for our Conference at 1-877-786-0831 for more information and to purchase coverage.  

Conference policy states that local churches will have or purchase domestic accident medical coverage for day and overnight activities including camps, conferences and retreats, fun trips and domestic mission trips. If your church's policy does not include this coverage, churches must arrange for insurance before a scheduled activity. 

International Travel

For international travel, churches have the option of purchasing coverage through American Church Group or a provider of their choice. Like domestic trip coverage, ACG offers blanket policies or policies for each traveler. American Church Group can assist your church in finding which product best meets your international travel needs by contacting them at or call the dedicated line for our Conference at 1-877-786-0831.


If you need additional help, please contact Sabrina Aubuchon in the Great Plains Conference office.