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UMC Annual Conference Registration is open if you are not planning to attend the Annual Conference but want to attend the UWF luncheon, click on the link above to register for that lunch. The menu is

South of the Border with Tacos, Fajitas, toppings, chips & salsa,

spanish rice and refried beans

You should register as “other” if they are not a clergy or laity person who will attend in that capacity for AC.  You can register as a guest and then just choose that meal on Friday June 9.  The space is limited; Don't miss out on registering if you are planning to attend.

Great Plains United Women in Faith

United Methodi Women

Turning Faith, Hope and Love into Action

United Methodist Women is the largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leadership, and advocating for justice.

We are The Great Plains United Methodist Women!

We officially became the Great Plains United Methodist Women on January 1, 2014. On that date the United Methodist Women of Nebraska, Kansas East  and Kansas West officially united to become the Great Plains Conference United Methodist Women. We have approximately 27,000 members. Click here to find out more about the history of The Great Plains Conference United Methodist Women.


Welcome to our home page. All of the links on the left side of our home page are active, they are however still being created and updated. 

Items that appear in blue on this home page are clickable and will take you directly to that information/email. You

can reach this home page directly by typing the URL www.greatplainsumc.org/umw into your browser. Take a look around the site. If you have questions, comments or items that need to be included on our web page, email Pat McGill.


On this Home page you will find information about the following...

Items that appear in blue are clickable and will take you directly to that information/email

2023 Great Plains Women in Faith Annual Meeting preliminary information


We are excited to announce the plans for our annual meeting which will take place over two days, September 15-16 ,2023. The Great PLains United Women in Faith Annual Meeting will be held inMcPherson, KS, Check back for a future uupdate.

New Relationship for Vanco Online Registration and Donations

Part of the new look of our website will be the opportunity for you to read about upcoming meetings, classes and opportunities to donate.  All of these opportunities will be listed together and found at the link above on the home page, entitled

"Click here to Register for Events and/or Donate."

When you click there, you'll see numerous tiles with pictures, titles and a brief description.  Click on the "register" or "donate" button associated with that tile and you'll be given detailed information about the event or donation.  For registrations there may be a few questions for you to answer prior to actually paying.  Then you'll be led through the payment process where you'll need to supply credit or debit card information.  This system is called Vanco and will replace our involvement with PayPal. Please use Discover, Visa,or Mastercard debit or credit cards. American Express cards charge a higher service fee,so please avoid their use. Vanco offers more flexibility, lower service fees and real people to talk to when your Great Plains Conference administrator has questions.  Looking forward to this system being an advantage for everyone.  Please contact Lorraine Hahn, Great Plains UWF Treasurer, with questions. 


Take Action for Racial Justice NOW!

United Methodist Women are BOLD in our work for racial justice. Use the Charter for Racial Justice to open your eyes and your hearts to what you can do by applying the suggestions in the Charter for Racial Justice 2022



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2023 Great Plains UMW Conference Leadership Team

Elected Leadership:

Appointed/Other Officers:

2023 Great Plains Conference UWF Calendar

We contitnue TOGETHER as the Great Plains Unittted Women in Faith, working through in FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE in Action!. Click on the linkn below.to see the calendar.

Great Plains United Methodist Women Calendar 2023

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National Officers and Committee Chairs for 2021-2024:

  •    President: SAinise Isama'u (California Pacific Conference)
  •    Vice President: Cynthia Rives (North Texas Conference)
  •    Secretary: Bethany Amey Sutton (Greater New Jersey Conference)
  •    Chairperson of Governance Committee: Daryl Junes Joe (New Mexico Conference)
  •    Chairperson of Finance Committee: Heidi J. Careaga (Wisconsin Conference)

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Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) Mission Trip


    Sign up now for a mission adventure!

    Our Great Plains Women’s mission trip to MMDC is October 10-14, 2022.  This trip fills your heart with the amazing power of God. So far this year they have sent out 23 containers to various parts of the world, including Ukraine. The trip costs around $200 for this adventure.   Fees are due by August 6, so please contact me as soon as possible. The fees are nonrefundable after August 6. I will set up transportation for our trip.  IT’S AN ADVENTURE YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

    Teena Faubel, Coordinator tfaubel@yahoo.com 402-217-3775

For additional information, go to www.midwestmission.org or e-mail them at office@midwestmission.org or find them on facebook at www.facebook.com/midwestmission.  Also by phone at 217-483-7911.

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Click here to visit the National United Methodist Women Pinterest online clipboard.

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