Vacation Bible School

This summer, a team of interns will be traveling around Kansas and Nebraska to present Cokesbury's VBS program: Hero Central. 

Apply for the 2017 VBS team to visit your church!

Vacation Bible School Internships

Volunteer with per diem

Per diem will come to about $3000 for the summer

The Vacation Bible School (VBS) summer interns get to travel around Kansas and Nebraska for about 10 weeks leading VBS in various small congregations. This internship provides many opportunities to meet new people and practice leadership, management and teaching skills. Interns will be in a different town each week – some rural and some are urban. The VBS is offered to ages 4-10 with youth often being helpers.

VBS interns work and travel in a group of 4-5 people in a conference-provided van. Interns will need to pack light because the VBS supplies and the luggage of 4-5 people will all be in the van for the summer!

Interns set up at each congregation and teach/lead the science, story, crafts, recreation (games), music and opening and closing skits. People in the congregation will do snacks and have helpers to work with the children. The interns will lead worship on Sunday mornings in some congregations, and will create Power Point or an iMovie of the VBS week to show in worship or at closing session for all VBS’s. Some congregations want interns to do some special sessions with the youth of the church or community as well.

Interns stay with host families in each town where they lead VBS. On VBS days, the church will provide meals for interns. Host families provide laundry facilities for interns to do laundry each week.

In some communities, interns will have opportunities to do service projects as well as lead VBS. In the past these projects have been things like painting walls, tornado clean up, serving meals at a homeless shelter, reading with children, organizing the church library, cleaning out and sorting the contents of supply closets.

If anyone has questions or would like to talk more in-depth please have them contact Micki McCorkle by text or voice, 316-210-3996. Or, people can email Micki at

The Road Trip curriculum is available for download. For only $50 you will get access to all curriculum, including music!

You can view the preview and the overview of this great VBS before making any decisions.

If Road Trip sounds like the perfect VBS for your church, order it now.