AC2017: Workshop - Rev. Dr. Steve Manskar


The Rev. Dr. Steve Manskar delivered his workshop titled “Disciples Making Disciples: The Wesleyan Way of Disciple-making."

John Wesley knew that disciples make disciples. That’s what happened in the Methodist class meeting. Today, covenant discipleship provides congregations with a proven and effective small-group process that nurtures the leaders in discipleship congregations.

The workshop introduced participants to concepts of covenant discipleship and how it helps congregations re-tradition Wesleyan classes today. Participants learned about the general rule of discipleship, covenant discipleship groups, the group covenant, group meetings, class leaders and their role in the congregation’s life and mission.

Manskar is a clergy member of the Minnesota Conference of The United Methodist Church. He served congregations for 10 years and is now on the staff of the Leadership Ministries Unit of Discipleship Ministries as director of Wesleyan leadership.

He is the author of "Disciples Making Disciples: A Guide for Covenant Discipleship Groups and Class Leaders," "Accountable Discipleship: Living in God's Household," "A Perfect Love: Understanding John Wesley's 'A Plain Account of Christian Perfection'" and "A Disciple’s Journal: A Guide for Daily Prayer, Bible Reading, & Discipleship."

He is editor of the monthly e-newsletter Covenant Discipleship Connection and the Wesleyan Leadership blog.

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