AC2017 Workshop - Rev. Marjorie Thompson


The Rev. Marjorie Thompson provides a workshop titled “Sabbath as Center in an Unstable World."

Thompson said the pressures of life are intense: a 24/7 news cycle; work that seems to demand the impossible; family care responsibilities; a planet in crisis. Challenges in our personal, national and global lives never cease. How do we maintain balance and equilibrium amid the turbulence? Come, deepen your vision and practice of Sabbath — the still center God invites us to enter, the gift of rhythmic rest and replenishment. Here we can receive again, and yet again, the soul-filling Love that fuels our ministry and mission.

Thompson brings to her ministry three decades of experience with retreat work, teaching and writing in Christian spiritual formation. Author of the best-selling "Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life," she considers writing central to her calling as a Presbyterian minister.

For 12 years Marjorie served as director of Pathways in Congregational Spirituality with Upper Room Ministries in Nashville, where she was chief architect of Companions in Christ, an innovative small-group resource series for adult spiritual formation. Her most recent books for pastoral leaders and engaged laity are "The Gift of Encouragement" (Abingdon, 2013) and "Forgiveness: A Lenten Study" (WJK, 2014).

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