John Wesley wrote in his journal, “I look upon all the world as my parish.” His profound words remind us that discipleship and mission cannot be separated. God loves us unconditionally and invites us to be His hands and feet in the world to bring about His kingdom here on earth. 

The calling of the Great Plains United Methodist Conference (GPUMC) is to equip and connect congregations to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our missional priorities are to enhance the ministry of local churches to produce Christ-centered excellence in youth ministry, preaching and worship, engaging the community, and transforming service to the world. Using an income-based formula for Mission Shares enables the conference to be responsive to the accomplishment of these goals.

Each of us, as members of a local church, supports our local church by giving our tithes (10 percent) and offerings. These gifts come from the income that we have received. As Christians, we believe that our income is a blessing from God. We also believe that tithing has a sound Scriptural foundation as an act of worship and discipleship.

The same motivation used to support the local church is applied to the GPUMC’s mission and ministry. Each local church is therefore called to support the GPUMC based on the income of the church. The Great Plains Conference Mission Share formula, asks churches for 10 percent of their local church’s  annual income for this budget support.

An additional way we are asked to show our love for God and neighbor is by supporting our mission agencies across the Great Plains Conference.