Harvesting the Great Plains Season 3, Episode 3


What is ABCD? Learn all about it in this episode exploring Asset Based Community Development, the theme for Orders & Fellowship 2020. The Rev. Nancy Lambert, Great Plains director of clergy excellence, and the Rev. Darryl Answer, pastor, faculty and practioner of ABCD, tell us what it is, what it's like in action, and how churches across the Great Plains might draw from these ideas. Later in the episode, Todd Seifert tells us how Lincoln pastors Beth Menhusen and Rev. Dr. Richard Randolph share their message on a radio show.

Find ABCD resources on the Great Plains website.

Titled “Harvesting the Great Plains," our monthly program about discipleship draws inspiration from Mathew 9:37, which states “The size of the harvest is bigger than you can imagine, but there are few workers.” Each show features interviews with someone who is helping with the harvest so we can make more disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Some episodes feature stories about people, churches or organizations making a difference.

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