National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) FaithNet Presentation


Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. recently asked network leaders to take part on one of two 90-minute presentations by representatives of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). One session was conducted Sept. 28, and the other the following day with representatives from both Kansas and Nebraska.
This sessions introduced network leaders in the Great Plains Conference to FaithNet in a presentation by Dr. Sherrie Vaughn (NAMI Kansas) and Carrin Meadows (NAMI Nebraska). The presenters explained how our congregations can be welcoming and supportive of persons and families living with mental illness. This is particularly important now with the mental strains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice and other factors in our continually more stressful world. Even prior to the surfacing of the pandemic, many of our networks had identified mental health as a critical ministry concern. The events of 2020 have only intensified the need.

NAMI FaithNet strives to encourage welcoming, caring congregations as well as to promote the vital role of spirituality in the recovery journeys of many who live with mental health conditions, those for whom faith is a key component. NAMI FaithNet is not a religious network but includes an effort to outreach to all religious organizations.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.
Download a PDF of the slides shown during the presentation.

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Seven Principles of Compassion in Action


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Understanding the critical intersections of spirituality and mental health can increase the overall effectiveness and quality of treatment across an individual’s continuum of care.
Faith leaders and mental health practitioners are working together, developing  strong and successful examples of what can be replicated around the nation.
This webinar series seeks to share:
  • Research demonstrating the outcomes possible when considering spirituality and mental health together, rather than as separate areas of study.
  • Testimonies of personal and lived experiences, highlighting what can be achieved, and engaging diverse communities.
  • Examples of spirituality and mental health being addressed together to improve the health and wellness outcomes for clients and their families. 


  1. Sept. 29, noon — Spirituality in Treatment: Systemic Treatment Models Bridging Faith and Mental Health Professionals    REGISTER NOW
  2. Oct. 13, noon— Spirituality and Post-Traumatic Growth: Spirituality as Catalyst for Resilience  REGISTER NOW
  3. Oct. 27, noon — Spirituality and Severe Mental Illness: Questions of Recovery versus Purposeful Renewal  REGISTER NOW
  4. Nov. 10, noon — Spirituality and the Life-time Course of Mental Illness: Support for Patients, Caregivers, and Family by the Faith Community  REGISTER NOW
  5. Nov. 19, noon — Spirituality and Relationships: Contributions to Faith and Forgiveness in Recovery   REGISTER NOW
  6. Dec. 8, noon — Spirituality and Community-wide Crisis: Building Systems to Support Connection and Recovery  REGISTER NOW

If you have any questions about this new series, please email us at

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