Wonder, Love and Praise study - Session 4


United Methodists are in need of a renewed vision today: not just a new view — which might be just the latest rationale for the latest operational program — but a renewed capacity to see and apprehend what “church” is all about. With our fellow Christians everywhere, we witness a rapidly changing church, both within our denomination and within the larger Christian movement around the world. Migration, immigration, and the push and pull of globalizing forces are reconfiguring the face of Christianity, as well as the larger religious make-up of the human family. Old customs and certainties are being challenged and a yet-unclear future beckons. United Methodists, too, wish to enter into that future with joy, resilience, grace, and hope.

This study aims to help United Methodists better understand the theology of the church and, with it, a clearer vision of the reality of the church in today's hectic world.

​This video is meant for use in Session 3, which focuses on the opportunity for unity in diversity.

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