Vital Signs Dashboard

In medicine, vital signs are statistics taken to assess the most basic functions of the body. These include information on body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.

In the United Methodist Church, VitalSigns is intended to assess the most basic functions of our congregations.  These include professions of faith, worship attendance, involvement in small groups, engagement in local outreach and mission, support of missions around the world, and giving to support the ministry of the congregation.

What are vital signs? Vital signs are a measure of discipleship as reflected in the activities in which the members of your church are engaged. Disciples of Jesus Christ participate regularly in certain activities that reflect their faith and devotion. Disciples worship. Disciples make new disciples. Disciples engage in growing as a disciple. Disciples engage in mission. Disciples give to mission.

We measure a disciple's engagement through weekly reporting of:

  • Worship attendance
  • Professions of faith
  • Small group participation
  • Persons serving in mission and outreach
  • Amount given to other organizations to support mission and ministry
  • Total offering received this week

But we know statistics only tell us part of the story. We also are asking for your "Testimony." This is your statistory, the story behind the statistics.