A Water Project for Las Mangas Honduras

Current Water They Drink This girl is in the village of Las Mangas Honduras. She is holding a bottle of the water that she drinks now. We want to change that to clean drinking water for the entire village.

Trip Country: Honduras

Trip City: Las Mangas
We seek to make a difference through participation in hands-on mission activities. We go not so much to complete our task, but to share love and learn from the people of Las Mangas
Date of Departure: January 07 2023
City of Departure: Airport of your choice, most will be leaving from Wichita
City of Arrival: Las Mangas Honduras
Date of Return: September 16 2022
Deadline to Sign up: November 01 2022

Cost: $1,400
Deposit Required: $100

Sponsor: Boyd Funk
Garden City , KS
Primary Contact: Boyd Funk
Contact Email: Click to email
Phone: 620-521-2463
This is a Colby United Methodist Church sponsored activity. 
Las Mangas is a community of about 40 families. 
The team will assist the community in building a water system to bring clean water to their homes.
The people live on the side of the mountain, and in the valley, among their farms. They have small mud and stick homes. They have little contact with people outside their community.
Our primary project will be a water system. If we have funds available we will help with the school in the community.
This is a mountainous area and the work is physical. You need to be in good physical condition. You should be able to walk mountain trails.