The bishops of the South Central Jurisdiction have joined together to produce a campaign focused on stories that connect people and proclaim that #WeAreMore when united through Jesus Christ. The campaign, called “We Are More,” is designed to engage the people in the pews through sharing and listening to one another’s stories.

The campaign will feature video, audio and blog stories with a participatory component. Anyone can upload their own story via the website, www.wearemore.faith for consideration in the campaign. Look for #WeAreMore stories in your social media networks. Antidote, a St. Louis-based agency developed the campaign in relationship with the South Central Jurisdiction episcopal leaders.

“This is a campaign that we would like to see gain momentum across the global connection,” said Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains Conference. “We hope people will feel free to watch, download and share these stories in their social media networks, feature them in worship and small groups, and upload their own #WeAreMore stories of how the Holy Spirit is working among us.”

Jason Kennedy


Shayla Jordan

Rev. Kurt Cooper

Henry Wainer

Greg Reffner