Web Streaming Licencing

WorshipCAST License

The WorshipCast license from Christian Copyright Solutions is for performances only, and does not cover duplication of copyrighted materials. Additional licenses may be required in accordance with applicable law.

What the WorshipCast License Covers:

  • Your singers & musicians performances of more than 16 million non-dramatical musical works from ASCAP, BMI & SESAC catalogs
  • Non-downloadable song playlists
  • Live streaming of worship services & events
  • Archived audio or audiovisual files
  • Online song log reporting
  • Education on current copyright & internet issues
  • CCS compiles & submits payments & reports to ASCAP, BMI & SESAC
  • Access to 24/7 online CopyrightSolver(tm) song database

What the WorshipCast License Does Not Cover

    * Third party sound recordings or accompaniment tracks (any audio recording you don't own, unless you have permission from the sound recording owner).
    * Download MP3 or digital audio song files (or provide for download)
    * Use any copyrights other than songs on your website (such as third party videos, visual images or literary works)
    * Performance of dramatic musical works

Learn more or purchase this license: https://www.christiancopyrightsolutions.com/services/worshipcast/


CCLI Copyright License

CCLI offers a copyright license that allows you to:

  • Project hymns and songs for congregational singing.
  • Print songs, hymns and lyrics for congregational singing.
  • Create your own customized songbooks or hymnals for use in congregational singing.
  • Create graphics and slides for projection of songs for congregational singing.
  • Arrange, print and copy your own vocal or instrumental arrangements of songs for congregational use, where no published version is available.
  • Translate song lyrics into another language for congregational singing, where no published version is available.
  • Record your worship services by audio or video means, provided you only record “live” music (instrumental and vocal). Accompaniment tracks cannot be reproduced. Pricing restrictions for the selling of such recordings apply.

Add-on licensing for rehearsals, streaming and podcasting are also available.

To learn more or purchase this license: https://us.ccli.com/copyright-license/