Weight Watchers

Great Plains United Methodist Conference is committed to helping you, and your spouse,* reach your wellness goals—to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a more positive mindset, or all the above—by offering discounted pricing on the WW offerings listed below. Join WW, and you will get access to lots of exciting features, including exclusive mindset content through Headspace®, and incredible products and experiences through our rewards program, WellnessWins™. WW welcomes everyone who seeks to be healthier, not just manage their weight.


Choose the plan that is right for you.

Plans include the following features:


Digital + Workshops

(formerly meetings)

Easy-to-use app and website

Track your food, activity, and weight any time with our digital tools.



Endless food options

With our database of 4,000+ delicious recipes, you’ll eat what you love and lose weight.



Total support in real time

Get help and answers from a WW Coach 24 hours a day, seven days a week in
24/7 Expert Chat.



Connect with our online community, day, or night, for inspiration and motivation.



Inspiration and connection Share your journey with a group of fellow members through weekly in-person Wellness Workshops (where available).



Retail value



Great Plains United Methodist Conference discounted rate



Great Plains United Methodist Conference contribution per month


Your price per month



Plans automatically renew monthly. See below for details.

Conference staff, clergy and spouses full time, three quarters and half-time appointments are eligible for the WW discounted rates and subsidy.

To purchase any of these WW offerings or for more information, visit https://wellness.weightwatchers.com and enter Great Plains United Methodist Conference Employer ID: 15854319

Employees/Spouses will need to enter the first 3 letters of your last name and first 4 letters of your first name.  i.e. Mary Smith =SmiMary or Jay Smith = SmiJay

For questions or assistance registering, please call the WW Wellness Hotline at 866-204-2885.

Digital subscription: Pay $9.00 today for your first month. Plan automatically renews monthly thereafter at $9.00 until you cancel.

Digital + Workshops subscription: Pay $20.00 today for your first month. Plan automatically renews monthly thereafter at $20.00 until you cancel. Sold in participating areas only; may not be accepted for local workshops and/or Workshops in the workplace in all areas. Minimum enrollment and participation required to start and maintain Workshops in the workplace.

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