Workshops for the 2022 Annual Conference Session will be offered from 4-5 p.m. on Friday, June 10.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road – an introduction to the Local Church Playbook with Congregational Excellence

You’ve learned the Five Ps – now what? Join the Great Plains Congregational Excellence team to learn about the sixth P – our playbook! We’ll share our vision, resources, and next steps to help you reimagine discipleship in your local church and community.

Mercy and Justice Now: Understanding God’s Call - Reverend. Sarah Marsh

We know God calls us to make a real difference in the world, but we also know it can be tough out there and especially now. What does the Bible teach us about what God desires for the church? How are we to figure out what to do? Explore God's two-fold mission for the church of mercy and justice in this interactive workshop with Rev. Sarah Marsh.

Embracing Cultural Diversity - Reverend Kathy Williams

We are learning from our experiences surrounding cultural diversity as we are faced with the enduring question of its purpose in our lives. When we embrace our own culture, while valuing and honoring other cultures, we grow closer in discovering our identity and sharing a more full expression of God in the world.

Ministry Architects – Stephanie Caro & Rev. Melissa Gepford:

RITES OF PASSAGE = MORE FAMILIES! Families are busier today than they've ever been, right? So that means they have multiple choices for how to spend their Sundays. But parents still find value in celebrating their children's special life milestones, so let's create ways to celebrate milestones and engage more families - all at the same time!