Year-end Reports

View information on statistical reports and local church audit reports.

Statistical reports will be available for 2023 reporting on Tuesday, January 2nd 2024 and will be due Wednesday, January 31, 2024 by 11:59pm.

More information with links and log in information will be sent before December 31, 2023 for 2023 reporting.

Churches cannot update after the deadline. Any input, updates, changes, corrections, etc., after the Jan. 31 deadline need to be made through the district office.

The Book of Discipline states that one of the administrative responsibilities of the pastor is "to give an account of their pastoral ministries to the charge and annual conference according to prescribed forms." Once the statistics are reported to the conference, they are compiled and checked for accuracy. The bishop and the cabinet use the statistical reports to assist in the clergy appointment process. The results assist local churches in identifying ministry areas that are extraordinarily successful and in determining the success of ministry and discipleship plans. The information also is used by annual conferences to calculate local church apportioned funds and by the general church to apportion local conferences.

Access the new ACStats data entry website by clicking GCFA Annual Church StatisticsChurch passwords have been set to: GPSTATS22! The Great Plains Conference has created a guide for churches to navigate through this new data entry system. Click HERE to access that document.

Go to this link to find your church's GCFA number.

The importance of submitting statistical data is explained by the General Council on Finance and Administration. Our use of the GCFA statistical input system improves our accountability and measures our ministry work throughout the Great Plains Conference and in connection with the general church.

Fund Balance Report and Annual Audit

NEW FOR 2023 REPORT due in 2024: Local church fund balance report audits are due annually on MARCH 1ST (new form will be uploaded by December 1st 2023 to use for 2023 report)

 View the Great Plains Conference's local church audit policy/procedures.