Young Adult Resources


Upcoming Young Adult Opportunities
  • Wesleyan Pilgrimage Tour: July 9-19, 2018. Scholarship Application due January 12, 2018.   Check out this offering from Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church.
  • Youth 2019 Volunteering: July 10-14, 2018, Kansas City, MO. Contact
  • Great Plains Summer Internships: Interviews begin January, February, March 2018  Explore leadership and social justice through Micah Corps, explore leadership gifts in the church through Pastoral Leadership Interns and Youth Ministry Interns. Applications available now.  
  • Camp Counseling: Choose one of the six camps to use your love of the outdoors and children. Applications available now.
  • Quad W: 8 week, paid summer internship for college students.


NEW - Young Leadership Innovation Grants

Applications due December 15, 2017

Young Adult Ministry Grants provide seed money to assist leaders in their 20s-30s or to churches who are ministering with 20s-30s in the development of young leaders, including start-up of new, innovative young adult ministries or to enhance a current ministry.

Grants range from $500-$1,500.

Preference in selection will be given to projects that:

  • are collaborative and bring members of the community together.
  • bring new learning into a community.
  • prepare young adults for leadership and/or provide training for young adults.
  • reach those who live in a community and not connected with the church
  • priority will be given to ministries that promote knowing God, sharing Christ, serving others, especially the poor and seeking justice
  • share learnings with the greater church, so we can learn from each other

Those awarded this grant will participate in a quarterly video call to hear about how we are developing young leaders across the Great Plains Conference. Those awarded the grant will use key texts to inform the conversation, including Growing Young, Fresh Expressions and The Connected Life.

Apply here!