Youth Retreat Curriculum

Welcome to Let My People Go, a faith-based antiracism youth curriculum that uses the story of the Exodus as an invitation for Christians to uncover God’s call to anti-oppressive liberation. Let My People Go is created by the Justice and Faith Collective and was commissioned by the Great Plains United Methodist Conference.

Let My People Go: The Power of Moses, Miriam, and Midwives, invites us to discover and join the antiracist path and actions within our theology, and within ourselves. True liberation frees not only the oppressed, but the oppressor as well. This is an invitation to transformation, imagination, and action.



Let My People Go can be used as a six-session weekend retreat, six weeks of Sunday School lessons, or six youth group gatherings. Each session includes:

  • Welcome: A video and a read-aloud script introducing the session’s topic and goals
  • Breakout: An interactive introduction to each other and our themes
  • Justice: A closer look at social justice concepts and how to live our values
  • Faith: A video and deep dive into the Exodus story of Moses, Miriam, and Midwives
  • Journal: A personal reflection time with guided questions and vocabulary
  • Connection: A closing activity linking participants to the new knowledge they have gained and the transformative value it offers

Downloadable resources