Youth at Annual Conference

Youth are always welcome at annual conference. Arrangements have been made for youth to stay, eat and participate in evening activities together. The Conference Council on Youth Minsitries (CCYM) has planned an orientation for youth, small group learning opportunities and evening activities.

Three ways youth can participate:

  1. District Youth Equalization Member: Each district has elected two youth to serve as equalization members representing their district. Check with your District Office and register here.
  2. Youth Observer: Youth in grades 7-12 who want to attend as a non-voting observer can register to be part of the youth assembly. The housing and meal fee is $125 per youth and register here.
  3. Lay member or alternate lay member for a church: Any youth in grades 7-12 who is serving as a lay member or alternate lay member from their church can register to be part of the youth assembly. The housing and meal fee is $125 per youth. You must register on 2 forms: and youth attending as a lay member or alternate lay member must also register on the annual conference session registration form.

All youth will participate in all conference sessions and worship services.

  • Meals begin with lunch on Wednesday and end with breakfast on Saturday.
  • Lodging is quad occupancy.

If you have any questions about registration please contact Rev. Nicole Conard at  If you have any other questions about youth involvement at annual conference please email Rev. Melissa Collier Gepford at