Zimbabwe Chabadza Covenant

At the 2010 Kansas West Annual Conference, a resolution establishing a partnership between the former Kansas West Conference and the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference was adopted. The idea for the partnership has been percolating since a partnership was developed between the clergy of the Hutchinson District and the clergy of the Mutare District several years ago. United Methodists in Kansas have a long relationship with Zimbabwe that predates both the former Kansas West Conference and the creation of the United Methodist Church in 1968.

The Chabadza Covenant is named for the Shona word "Chabadza", which roughly translates to people in relationship working alongside each other for mutual benefit. Chabadza is given only to people whom you know, and it is given because when one person succeeds, both people succeed.

Patterned after other similar partnerships around the country, the document invites partnerships to be formed at many levels. This is the first partnership of its kind for the Zimbabwe East and Kansas West annual conferences. While other conferences are working in Zimbabwe East, none are proposing such wide-spread partnerships. The Chabadza Covenant Resolution was adopted May 26, 2010.

Congregation-to-congregation: Congregations in Kansas West and in Zimbabwe East are invited to partner with each other for prayer, educational exchanges, mission work and financial support..

District-to-district: A district may choose to adopt a district in the other annual conference for prayer, educational exchanges, mission work and financial support.

Pastor-to-pastor: Pastors are invited to connect with pastors in ZImbabwe for direct prayer support, mutual learning, and when needed financial support. This type of partnership would be patterned from the Mutare Connection between the Hutchinson and Mutare districts. During a time of economic turmoil, pastors in the Hutchinson District took a collection and sent the funds to be distributed to the pastors of the district to enable them to continue to minister.

The partnership agreement's framework allows for the creation and development of other kinds of partnerships as the Holy Spirit moves. If your congregation is interested in becoming a Chabadza Partner with another congregation in Zimbabwe East or in supporting the partnership in another way, complete the online Chabadza Covenant Interest Finder. If your congregation would like to become a Chabadza Partner, print and fill-out the Chabadza Covenant Partnership Application Form. (Coming soon.)

Continue to pray for the pastors and churches in your partner district and to share the information with clergy and lay leadership in your own district. You are also encouraged to share personal greetings by text or email with your counterpart in the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference. The 2014 list of appointments for the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference can be found here.

View the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area Health Board flier. The Zimbabwe Episcopal Area Health Board is a ministry we support through Imagine No Malaria as well as other ways.

The information about the 2014 Ebenezer Convention has been published and is available on the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area's website www.umczea.org.