Updates from Zimbabwe

  • Update from Mutare: Newsletter Vol 30 No 1
  • 2015 in review: This slideshow has updates on the happenings in the Zimbabwe East Conference. Their main focus being the head office construction.
  • Zimbabwe East Annual Conference Session report. Here are the highlights of the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference, Dec. 11-13. Day One Day Two Day Three
  • Rev. Dr. Z Marewangepo, administrative assistant to Bishop Eben Kunukayi Nhiwatiwa retired. Conference lay leader, Mr. Simon Mafunda, purchased a special silver tray with a few words on it. Mafunda was given enough time to make a full presentation on the Great Plains Conference's behalf. "The Rev. Dr. Marewangepo was really overwhelmed with joy. He never expected anything like that would come all the way from the Great Plains Conference. It really touched his heart. Kindly send our heart felt gratitude to the bishop and all the Great Plains people," said Mafunda. Read more about the service.
  • In 2014, Africa University Farm Development Fund (Advance Special #3021027) received $45,000 from the Great Plains Annual Conference. The donation was prior year and current year gifts (2012-2014) from funds raised by the Nebraska United Methodist Bike Ride for Hunger, or NUMB.





Updates from Zimbabwe East Conference